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"Wishing everyone a happy new years and the best in their pursuit of happiness".


- Garrett Watson

CEO, Garbear Fitness



GARBEAR FITNESS - STAY ACTIVE ____ Just a short clip reminding us that we don’t need to make the excuse of “I can’t make it to the gym” to exercise. Tons of things we can do outside. Definitely will be making more of these, doing all kinds of activities. Sometimes we all need to just get outside and have fun!


🎥 by @ma.g_photography 💻 edited by me (@watsonalexander)





Garbear's 9 Week Training Program is Now Available!


ALSO, a Guide Bundle is available for purchase and download. So head on over to the Guides tab and lets get to educating one another! 





Hey Guys, 


I hope you're ready for a great thanksgiving. Why is that you ask? Because I am giving away 3 free nutrition guides.

A video will be up on YouTube about it on Tuesday, 11/21, as well as an IG post on my personal IG (@watsonalexander). 


When the post goes up, all you have to do is:


1) Follow IG @garbearfitness

2) In the latest IG post on @garbearfitness, tag 3 friends

3) 3 WINNERS will be selected Thursday, Thanksgiving to receive their FREE guides via Email. 



This training vlog was an honor to film with Nick Book (IG @trifecta_training). Extremely educated in his sport, this 2 part series will blow you away with the things you can incorporate into your workouts!


Part 1 - Mobility, Flexion, & Activation (Click the button below)


Part 2- Work Loads! (Will be released next week, 10/29-30/2017)


It’s Monday morning folks, and it’s time to knock that goal list down. We have limited time to get done the things we need to do in the beginning of the week, so start it off right. 
Be sure to eat healthy and enter the gym and everything else with a positive mindset. The thoughts in the beginning will lead to future results and rewards 


A new trap workout vlog is on YouTube. Be sure to check it out! 
In other news, a special training video will be filmed this week in Tampa. More info TBA. 
Joggers and leggings launch date TBA. More information will be posted on the design mock ups in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

NEW Men's and Women's T Shirt Drop Date Announced! - September 1st....


The long wait is over for the Men's Simple Text and Women's Sports Text Design Garbear Fitness shirts guys! The men's will be available in Black and Navy Blue from sizes Small to 2XL. Women's will be available in Pink and Black from sizes Small to 2XL. 


"I've been antsy to release these to the public for quite some time. I love the fitted originals, but I know people also enjoy wearing shirts with text on them and no graphics. I have to say these are currently my favorite shirts. I wonder what will be released next? As long as the suns still shining, and we need some shade...;)"

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Pre-order your Men's Garbear Fitness Simple Text Shirt, and get FREE shipping! Available in Black and Navy Blue. 

Sizes include "S,M,L,XL, and 2XL".


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Exploration - Take a Step Away From it All


Explore. Something many of us forget to take time to do. Stress builds, and we bottle up feelings that we can't vent out because we're so cooped up in our sedentary routines. Be it relationships, work, or even the gym. 


Take a breath of fresh air"! Go outside. Go for a walk. Jump in a pool and float. Meditate in an open field. Hop in your car, windows down, and just drive. Take a step away from it all, even for a moment. 


"I recommend doing something like this once a week. I remember when I use to feel alone and stressed and couldn't find a way to escape, I hopped on I-95 and just drove south. Never had a destination. The feeling of getting lost after a few hours of clearing my mind was the best feeling I ever had during these times. You will feel more relaxed every time you go. Find a new route to take every trip. Make sure your phone is off. You'll thank me later". 

"A person Who Can't Give Up Anything Can Change Nothing" 


I've come to love trials and risks in life. If I'm still inside my comfort zone, I know I will not be successful. A great saying about this goes "you can either be comfortable, or successful, but never both". When it comes to my training, in between sets, I focus and create the mental image of how hard I am going to train during my next set. How heavy I'm going to go. Will I do just 8 reps at 245 or will I go until failure? Will I try a different exercise today? You must give up your limitations and fears of the unknown at times in order to take yourself to the next level. 



Train Hard or Go Home


The Human Body does not want to change out of its natural resting state. Anyone looking to build a great physique must realize that 1, it does not happen over night, and 2, continuous progressive overload is needed. The body, once out of its natural resting state, will try to adapt so it does not have to go through the pain of change again. So what do you need to do to break that barrier? Train harder! 


A wise man once said "You never grow inside your comfort zone".


New Apparel tops for men and women coming soon! More to be announced within the next few weeks along with the drop of the nutrition guide, Garbear's Guide to Proper Nutrition

"You Get What You Put In" 


"I am a huge believer of resting when needed. But I am also a believer of working when the world is asleep. That means wake up at 12 noon, work online, prep food, work at 7:30 pm - 2 am, gym at 3 am, my last meal at 4:30 am, and working on my computer again until 5-6 am. I find it optimal to put out as much as you can for yourself and to the world when it sleeps. You will have less distraction from people in person and media, and be able to focus a lot more. 

Despite this, even if you work on standard time frames (I.E 9-5), you should always be willing to do more. Never settle, and every level in life you reach should never be enough. There's always more you can do and more you can learn. Set a goal. Outdo all expectations. Just like an exam in school. Don't aim for an A. Aim for an A+."

A Message To You Guys!

"Always Remember, Stay True to Your Beliefs"


Garbear Fitness was founded on the mindset of pursuing self interests in life, and through physical changes, one would gain the confidence to take these risks.


"There are so many things in this world to explore. People to meet. Opportunities to be taken. Never let anyone deter you from taking the time to delve and indulge in what makes you happy, if it makes you a better individual."




This was such an amazing experience for the Garbear Crew. All that can be said is to watch the vlog! 


P.S - As mentioned, a new men's and women's shirt will be released soon. Stay up to date by subscribing to the YouTube Channel (Garbear Fitness), and following this blog! 

Garbear Fitness at The Europa! | May 20-21

The Europa 2017 Orlando is right around the corner. Garrett Watson (Founder and CEO), along with a few reps, will be around the convention center meeting, networking, and of course, working out! If you see us, (we will be in Garbear Fitness Gear) be sure to say hi!