Garbear Fitness was established in 2016 by Garrett Alexander Watson. Certified in Personal Training under The National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), which is also recognized under USREPS, an athletic background in Track and Swimming, & an establishing background in Power lifting and Competitive Bodybuilding, Garbear Fitness’s concept is to promote self-confidence, discipline, and pushing an individual’s physical limits both functionally and aesthetically.


Garbear Fitness has expanded beyond only personal training, in turn taking the brand even further. This includes Nutrition Guides, Apparel, Hats, Phone Cases and more.



“I believe we all have potential. We are all destined to be great. Sometimes we just need someone to help bring that greatness out. I feel through personal experience, Fitness and Bodybuilding have developed me not only physically, but mentally into the person I am today. And through these experiences, I want to empower others the same way”