Brand Updates · 21. October 2021
The Iphone 13, 13 mini, 13 PRO and 13 MAX cases are now available! And as durable as ever! * Some of the older model phone cases will be going out of stock for good soon. Updates will be in the blog section here.
Brand Updates · 16. October 2021
The duffle bags are finally back in stock! Garbear fitness has been working rigorously to get these in for you! Purchase yours under the "Products" Drop down tab, and enter BEARPACK10 at checkout for 10% off!
Brand Updates · 19. September 2021
Garbear Blog # 25 - Crop Tops - September 24th!
Hello, This update brings great news of the newest product! Garbear Crop Tops! Under the "women's" popular/spring and summer drop down tabs - available in Dust and Deep Heather September 24th!
Brand Updates · 20. August 2021
Garbear Blog # 24 - Series 3 Men's Tanks are HERE!
The new long awaited tank tops are here! Grab yours under the Men's' Spring/Summer drop down tabs! Enter BEARPACK10 at checkout for 10% off as well! Only at!
08. August 2021
As some of you may have noticed, the duffle bags are currently out of stock! No need to fret, Garbearfitness will have updates on full restocking's as soon as possible!
Motivation · 30. July 2021
More spots will now be open until the end of 2021! Are you looking for Diet Plans, Dietary assistance, Supplementation assistance, and/or workout programs? You've come to the right place! Head on over to the "Personal Training" Tab for all the information you need to get started today! - Garrett Watson, Garbear Fitness CEO
Brand Updates · 01. July 2021
Garbear Fitness Membership - Semester 2 is here!
I've gotten a lot of great feedback in terms of growth and influence on semester 1 of the membership series. I've also gotten feedback on how to make the videos easier to access and to comprehend from subscribers. Of course, I take all feedback into movement, and did just that! Semester two has all of these great changes involved and incorporated for subscribers. I'm extremely excited to see what you guys grasp from this semester. Can't wait to hear all about it. -GBF
Brand Updates · 20. June 2021
Garbear Blog 21 - July 1st Membership Updates
That's right guys! Semester 2 of the Garbear Fitness membership releases July 1st to all subscribers! Sign up today!
Brand Updates · 24. April 2021
Garbear Blog # 20 - Website Under Construction will be going under a few routinely updates over the next few weeks. Everything is still accessible! The big bear is looking to make sure everything is fresh, fit and friendly for all shoppers and members!

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