Motivation · 13. March 2021
Follow on TIK TOK @Watsonalexander  - New Exercises!
looking for new exercises and strategies to spruce up your current routine? Follow @watsonalexander on tik tok for more! New videos every week!
Brand Updates · 13. March 2021
Garbear Blog #18 - FREE T-Shirt Giveaways are BACK!
You heard it here first guys! Follow @garbearfitness on instagram and keep an eye out for the media post above so you can enter to win a FREE Shirt of your choice! Giveaways will be once a month, for one winner!
Brand Updates · 13. March 2021
When you are ready to pay for your purchases, head over to the check out screen. You will be prompted to pay with Paypal or Venmo. Click paypal and you will see "Enter Debit or Credit as a dropdown OR Checkout as Guest". You do NOT need to have a paypal account to purchase through For any comments/questions/concerns, please email
Brand Updates · 27. February 2021
Garbear Blog # 17 - New Phone Cases for Iphone 12!
I-phone cases for the new 12, 12 mini, 12 PRO, and 12 MAX are now available under the "Products" drop down tab!
Brand Updates · 05. February 2021
Garbear Blog #16 - Online Coaching is BACK!
Online coaching slot consultations are opening February 15th! - Diet Construction - Workout Programs and more! For more information, send a message via the "Contact" Tab
Motivation · 03. January 2021
2021 - Ringing in the New Year!
It is 2021 and we are ready to get things rolling! The world may still be slow and crazy but physically and mentally we all want to continue growing! Check out The Membership tab if youre looking for some E-learning tips on progressing yourself forward in regards to the gym and life! - best of wishes Garrett Watson, CEO
Brand Updates · 28. December 2020
Garbear Blog # 15 - Membership Opens January 8th!
A membership program is being added to for those who are inquisitive on learning strategies to organize their daily goals, being mindful, and gym tips to progress forward! For more information, head over to the "Membership" Tab.
Brand Updates · 16. December 2020
Sports bras are still in stock and moving out! Get yours today!
Motivation · 04. December 2020
As most of us around the world know, we are in a global lock down. Some of us are training at home and some of us are not doing anything. This is a prime time to utilize your days to stretch, change your diet, up your calories, or even focus on body weight exercises. HIIT workouts are great outdoors. Get creative!
Motivation · 27. November 2020
This goes hand-in-hand with the notes above. Deciding how long you choose to rest in between your sets will either benefit you or keep you from maximizing the time under tension. One thing I have to go into explaining is what time under tension means. Time under tension is in reference to how long your muscles are at work. The longer the time under tension the more muscle fibers you will be recruiting but to an extended period of time (12 to 15 reps for example) you’ll be training endurance

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