Motivation · 01. December 2022
I'm going to leave this one open to you guys. Lets hear some of your 2023 personal and fitness goals! Comment thread is up!
Motivation · 07. September 2022
Our blogs and motivation drop down tabs are absolutely STACKED with free information to get you out of bed and into being active. If youre looking for even more assistance, check out the Membership Program and our Guides, all available at!
Brand Updates · 07. September 2022
Well its been quite some time fit fam! Garbear Fitness wanted to create an option for people who did not specifically want a program created for them. But a sit down meeting via a virtual chat (video) to discuss how they can improve their current program. And just like a mama bird to her babies, send them off to fly! This is a great option with very fair meeting rates. For more information on it, reach out via the "Contact" Tab!
Brand Updates · 26. August 2022
Garbear Blog # 32 - Men's Shorts are Available NOW!
They are finally here! The men's shorts are now available for purchase under the "PANTS" tab on the men's drop down. Future release for women's pants will be announced at a later timeframe.
Brand Updates · 22. August 2022
Garbear Blog # 31 - Men's Shorts Release Date!
Garbear Fitness Series 1 Men's Shorts are dropping this friday, August 26th! They were first announced on the Facebook and Instagram page. Comfortable, mesh pockets and more, these can be found under the Mens' Dropdown tab "PANTS". Only at! * Be sure to enter BEARPACK10 during checkout for 10% off of your orders!
Motivation · 05. July 2022
Garbear Motivation # 18 - Check out the Guides Online!
Hey Guys, Head over to the Products Tab and check out the current guides we offer online - Garbears 9 Week Program Vol. 1 - Garbears 9 Week Program Vol. 2 - Garbears Guide to Proper Nutrition - Garbears Ultimate Program (TBA)
Brand Updates · 05. July 2022
Garbear Fitness has been working with a photographer/videographer out of state for all of the women's products and soon to be for the men's too! We are very excited to be able to produce more brand appealing graphics and videos! Stay tuned for more on the website, instagram and facebook!
Brand Updates · 01. July 2022
Garbear Blog #29 - New Dates for Online Coaching - August 1st!
Hey Fit Fam!, Its been a while since we last chatted. Garbear Fitness is opening back up online coaching slots August 1st! For more information, shoot us a message in the "Contact" Tab at the top right! See you there
Brand Updates · 21. October 2021
The Iphone 13, 13 mini, 13 PRO and 13 MAX cases are now available! And as durable as ever! * Some of the older model phone cases will be going out of stock for good soon. Updates will be in the blog section here.
Brand Updates · 16. October 2021
The duffle bags are finally back in stock! Garbear fitness has been working rigorously to get these in for you! Purchase yours under the "Products" Drop down tab, and enter BEARPACK10 at checkout for 10% off!

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