Brand Updates · 15. September 2020
The high-selling Duffel Bags have returned! Grab yours today! (Located under the "Product" drop down tab)
Motivation · 26. August 2020
There are many factors that can effect you outside of the gym, which in turn can effect your presence in the gym. One thing I realized a long time ago, is that if you can find a 1-2 hour HEALTHY escape from all of your problems, keep it that way. It doesn't have to be the gym (snowboarding, reading, music etc.), but in this case, we will use the gym.When you're in the gym, your focus should be on just that: Training. During your time you cant fix anything going on outside of the gym.
Motivation · 26. August 2020
RISE AND GRIND! It’s Monday morning folks, and it’s time to knock that goal list down. We have limited time to get done the things we need to do in the beginning of the week, so start it off right. Be sure to eat healthy and enter the gym and everything else with a positive mindset. The thoughts in the beginning will lead to future results and rewards
Motivation · 26. August 2020
Explore. Something many of us forget to take time to do. Stress builds, and we bottle up feelings that we can't vent out because we're so cooped up in our sedentary routines. Be it relationships, work, or even the gym. Take a breath of fresh air"! Go outside. Go for a walk. Jump in a pool and float. Meditate in an open field. Hop in your car, windows down, and just drive. Take a step away from it all, even for a moment. Make sure your phone is off. You'll thank me later".
Motivation · 26. August 2020
I've come to love trials and risks in life. If I'm still inside my comfort zone, I know I will not be successful. A great saying about this goes "you can either be comfortable, or successful, but never both". When it comes to my training, in between sets, I focus and create the mental image of how hard I am going to train during my next set. How heavy I'm going to go. Will I do just 8 reps at 245 or will I go until failure? Will I try a different exercise today? You must give up your limitations
Motivation · 26. August 2020
Train Hard or Go Home The Human Body does not want to change out of its natural resting state. Anyone looking to build a great physique must realize that 1, it does not happen over night, and 2, continuous progressive overload is needed. The body, once out of its natural resting state, will try to adapt so it does not have to go through the pain of change again. So what do you need to do to break that barrier? Train harder! A wise man once said "You never grow inside your comfort zone".
Motivation · 26. August 2020
"I am a huge believer of resting when needed. But I am also a believer of working when the world is asleep. That means wake up at 12 noon, work online, prep food, work at 7:30 pm - 2 am, gym at 3 am, my last meal at 4:30 am, and working on my computer again until 5-6 am. I find it optimal to put out as much as you can for yourself and to the world when it sleeps. You will have less distraction from people in person and media, and be able to focus a lot more. Don't aim for an A. Aim for an A+.
Brand Updates · 26. August 2020
Goodmorning fellow Lifters!, As we know, covid-19 has slowed down product production as well as mail shipment on items. Some previous items are still able to be produced and some aren't. Taking careful time to think upon this, it is with sad news to state - as things are currently looking, there may be no new items released this year. Despite this, many of our current top selling products will still be available, including workout programs and guides! There WILL be a silver lining guys!
Brand Updates · 18. August 2020
Hello Blog Readers, Garbear hopes everyone finds this blog entry in good health. New giveaways are happening on instagram! Follow @garbearfitness and every so often there will be an announcement for giveaways! There will be posts within 24 hours or greater time frames so people can get ready to enter. And remember, if you don't win this time, there's always next time!
Motivation · 18. August 2020
A Message To You Guys! "Always Remember, Stay True to Your Beliefs" Garbear Fitness was founded on the mindset of pursuing self interests in life, and through physical changes, one would gain the confidence to take these risks. "There are so many things in this world to explore. People to meet. Opportunities to be taken. Never let anyone deter you from taking the time to delve and indulge in what makes you happy, if it makes you a better individual."

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