Brand Updates

Brand Updates · 15. September 2020
The high-selling Duffel Bags have returned! Grab yours today! (Located under the "Product" drop down tab)
Brand Updates · 26. August 2020
Goodmorning fellow Lifters!, As we know, covid-19 has slowed down product production as well as mail shipment on items. Some previous items are still able to be produced and some aren't. Taking careful time to think upon this, it is with sad news to state - as things are currently looking, there may be no new items released this year. Despite this, many of our current top selling products will still be available, including workout programs and guides! There WILL be a silver lining guys!
Brand Updates · 18. August 2020
Hello Blog Readers, Garbear hopes everyone finds this blog entry in good health. New giveaways are happening on instagram! Follow @garbearfitness and every so often there will be an announcement for giveaways! There will be posts within 24 hours or greater time frames so people can get ready to enter. And remember, if you don't win this time, there's always next time!
Brand Updates · 02. August 2020
Hello, Despite products still being available for purchase, some products may be delayed in shipments. This is due to facilities such as warehouses having delays in production (shortage in staff), and/or access to limited equipment in facilities due to health restrictions. COVID-19 may be impacting things time wise, but these items are still going to ship to you with 100% customer satisfaction Gauranteed! - Garrett Watson, CEO Garbear Fitness
Brand Updates · 16. July 2020
There is a new product in the works! One of a few! These Embroidered backpacks aren't scheduled for release just yet, but the possible time period for these to be on the market is fall/winter. Stay tuned for more, and keep in mind, Garbear is working on quite a few products right now as well!
Brand Updates · 06. July 2020
For all of your support questions, comments, and/or concerns, you can now email Having multiple sources of contact is one of Garbear's ways of saying "Hey! We're here for you on all platforms, as fast as we can be!"
Brand Updates · 06. July 2020
Here is an Arm Day Motivation Workout to get you guys through these rough times!
Brand Updates · 06. July 2020
Here is some chest- day motivation during these rough times!
Brand Updates · 22. May 2020
If you're going back to the gym, check out this vlog! And make sure you're social distancing as well as sanitizing the machines before AND after usage.
Brand Updates · 11. May 2020
During this time, some of the products have gone "out of stock". Please check out the Youtube Vlog attached for more information!

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