Brand Updates

Brand Updates · 01. July 2021
Garbear Fitness Membership - Semester 2 is here!
I've gotten a lot of great feedback in terms of growth and influence on semester 1 of the membership series. I've also gotten feedback on how to make the videos easier to access and to comprehend from subscribers. Of course, I take all feedback into movement, and did just that! Semester two has all of these great changes involved and incorporated for subscribers. I'm extremely excited to see what you guys grasp from this semester. Can't wait to hear all about it. -GBF
Brand Updates · 20. June 2021
Garbear Blog 21 - July 1st Membership Updates
That's right guys! Semester 2 of the Garbear Fitness membership releases July 1st to all subscribers! Sign up today!
Brand Updates · 24. April 2021
Garbear Blog # 20 - Website Under Construction will be going under a few routinely updates over the next few weeks. Everything is still accessible! The big bear is looking to make sure everything is fresh, fit and friendly for all shoppers and members!
Brand Updates · 24. April 2021
Garbear Blog # 19 - Semester 2 - GBF membership - Coming July!
The popular Garbear Fitness online membership's second semester is right around the corner! The feedback has been amazing, and a release date is on the way! Stay tuned for the second half of this knowledge packed program, fit fam!
Brand Updates · 13. March 2021
Garbear Blog #18 - FREE T-Shirt Giveaways are BACK!
You heard it here first guys! Follow @garbearfitness on instagram and keep an eye out for the media post above so you can enter to win a FREE Shirt of your choice! Giveaways will be once a month, for one winner!
Brand Updates · 13. March 2021
When you are ready to pay for your purchases, head over to the check out screen. You will be prompted to pay with Paypal or Venmo. Click paypal and you will see "Enter Debit or Credit as a dropdown OR Checkout as Guest". You do NOT need to have a paypal account to purchase through For any comments/questions/concerns, please email
Brand Updates · 27. February 2021
Garbear Blog # 17 - New Phone Cases for Iphone 12!
I-phone cases for the new 12, 12 mini, 12 PRO, and 12 MAX are now available under the "Products" drop down tab!
Brand Updates · 05. February 2021
Garbear Blog #16 - Online Coaching is BACK!
Online coaching slot consultations are opening February 15th! - Diet Construction - Workout Programs and more! For more information, send a message via the "Contact" Tab
Brand Updates · 28. December 2020
Garbear Blog # 15 - Membership Opens January 8th!
A membership program is being added to for those who are inquisitive on learning strategies to organize their daily goals, being mindful, and gym tips to progress forward! For more information, head over to the "Membership" Tab.
Brand Updates · 16. December 2020
Sports bras are still in stock and moving out! Get yours today!

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