Motivation · 01. December 2022
I'm going to leave this one open to you guys. Lets hear some of your 2023 personal and fitness goals! Comment thread is up!
Motivation · 07. September 2022
Our blogs and motivation drop down tabs are absolutely STACKED with free information to get you out of bed and into being active. If youre looking for even more assistance, check out the Membership Program and our Guides, all available at!
Motivation · 05. July 2022
Garbear Motivation # 18 - Check out the Guides Online!
Hey Guys, Head over to the Products Tab and check out the current guides we offer online - Garbears 9 Week Program Vol. 1 - Garbears 9 Week Program Vol. 2 - Garbears Guide to Proper Nutrition - Garbears Ultimate Program (TBA)
Motivation · 30. July 2021
More spots will now be open until the end of 2021! Are you looking for Diet Plans, Dietary assistance, Supplementation assistance, and/or workout programs? You've come to the right place! Head on over to the "Personal Training" Tab for all the information you need to get started today! - Garrett Watson, Garbear Fitness CEO
Motivation · 13. March 2021
Follow on TIK TOK @Watsonalexander  - New Exercises!
looking for new exercises and strategies to spruce up your current routine? Follow @watsonalexander on tik tok for more! New videos every week!
Motivation · 03. January 2021
2021 - Ringing in the New Year!
It is 2021 and we are ready to get things rolling! The world may still be slow and crazy but physically and mentally we all want to continue growing! Check out The Membership tab if youre looking for some E-learning tips on progressing yourself forward in regards to the gym and life! - best of wishes Garrett Watson, CEO
Motivation · 04. December 2020
As most of us around the world know, we are in a global lock down. Some of us are training at home and some of us are not doing anything. This is a prime time to utilize your days to stretch, change your diet, up your calories, or even focus on body weight exercises. HIIT workouts are great outdoors. Get creative!
Motivation · 27. November 2020
This goes hand-in-hand with the notes above. Deciding how long you choose to rest in between your sets will either benefit you or keep you from maximizing the time under tension. One thing I have to go into explaining is what time under tension means. Time under tension is in reference to how long your muscles are at work. The longer the time under tension the more muscle fibers you will be recruiting but to an extended period of time (12 to 15 reps for example) you’ll be training endurance
Motivation · 20. November 2020
The battle between high reps vs low reps wages on even until this day. But today, we will debunk the pros and cons to both. Both have their place in your training systems. Training between 1-6 reps are usually categorized as “strength”. And training 8-12 reps are usually “hypertrophy”. Anything above twelve would usually inquire endurance training and an increase in the recruiting of longer muscle fibers aka a leaner look to a physique. I would not recommend one over the other unless competing
Motivation · 13. November 2020
Moving linearly (front, back left and right) are standard motions were all taught to do, especially when we begin working out. But one thing that many people forget to do when they begin is move in different directions. Whether it’s sideways crab walks with a resistance band, bear crawls or sideways lunges, the body was originally meant to stay moving. It also keeps your joints in tip top shape and you’ll have less “my muscles are too tight” problems down the road.

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